Carpenters Cowboy Church


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Eugene Harold Coleman Sr.

3616 Rossville Blvd. / Chattanooga, Tennessee / 34707 / telephone: 423-867-4232

Dear Friend of this EHC Ministries and the Carpenter's Cowboy Church:

As you are aware, we have been a part of this ministry here in Chattanooga since 1995, one full year after my spiritual reformation on a mountain top in beautiful West Virginia. For the past sixteen years we have ministered to this community and its needs. While the method has been different the message of the Gospel has been the same. For some time we documented over six-thousand decisions for Christ but we quit counting in 2005.

We starred this ministry in a bar on East 23rd Street here in Chattanooga and remained there for some six and a half years. Our target then as now was to reach entertainers, their families and everyone who loved what they did. Every major local-superstar has been invited to come sing two gospel songs in our service since then as an attempt to reach these specially gifted-people. We still minister to them and we use their giftings to perpetuate the Gospel of Jesus Christ. Even after all these years we continue to use entertainment as a major focus, although not our exclusive mode of ministry.


We have attempted to grace as many Christmas parades as possible each year in those 16 years and received acclaim from those in attendance because we are the only Gospel presence in all those parades. We decorate a 53 foot flat-bed trailer light it up like Las Vegas with some ten-thousand lights and we play loud and excitedly a half hour before the parade, all the way through the parade till a half hour after it ends.We have been to the nursing homes, we have provided block parties where we go to a different city park, set up our sound equipment and do four hours of Gospel Music and give away hot dogs and other food stuffs. We have accepted every invitation to perform at fund-raising programs including the Al Mallard Stockings Full of Love benefit in Walker County and many more.

One outstanding ministry very close to my heart, is, that we have provided a weekly show for all the new Covenant Transport drives coming through the company's orientation program here in Chattanooga and have done so for the past sixteen years. Every week, for the past 16 years, I am privileged to meet and greet all the new drives in the new class. I create the want to for them to come hear our show we have prepared for them. Subliminally I get to also share with them the wonderful uniqueness of our company by sharing with them some insights on I can share. No brochure on the company or billboards ever relate that he man who founded this company starts every day, Monday through Saturday - for the firsts hour and a half, in his personal office with the doors locked with him kneeling behind his desk reading the scriptures and seek the direction of God each day. I think they need to know that. I get to tell them how important integrity and principle and character is from the hearts of every single principal involved in directing this company I think they need to know that. Then they come to the show that nigh and we play rock and roll, country,jazz, blues and gospel music with the areas absolute best musicians who have never ever charged me for their services. For 16 years they have been there for our drivers. Then I form a circle and have them all come and I lead in the prayer of blessing. They all come and they all stay for that prayer of blessing. In that prayer I ask that God gives them a long, safe and prosperous career with Covenant Transport. I pray that since they came to Covenant that He gives them favor in mileage so they are not only able to provide for their families but that they may bless their families according to the promises of God which says exceedingly, abundantly above anythings they can ask or think pray for specialness in protecting their marriage and that the Holy Spirit draw them closer together by speaking words of accommodation and appreciation into the hearts of their spouses and children while they are out on the road. Each week we tell them there is an admission charge - hug. And we collect each week. Even the biggest gives up the hugs with a smile and a genuine thank you. When they come back into town and visit our church - we go get them and take them to Portofino's restaurant as our guest for lunch and take them back. I wouldn't trade this ministry for anything.


We have invested in every persons life to which we have been exposed. We have seen changes in people's lives as they are set free from addictions, etc. We've seen families put back together and healed. We have seen people's bodies healed. We have seen our people grow from spiritual babes to spiritual adults now mentoring and teaching others. Little boys and girls. My heart just glows when I see how deeply the effects of this ministry has seeped into the hearts and character of those to whom we have ministered.

We have a "Gathering Ministry" where we open the church up every weedy Monday through Friday from 9:00 AM till 3:00 PM and invite anyone normally at home all day to have someplace to get out of their house and into the presence of other human beings. We have a coffee pot, a crock pot and cold drinks at no charge so they don't have to spend money they don't have to fellowship. It is here we understand how important a hug really is. They play games, put together puzzles, read the paper listen to tapes or just talk among themselves but it is important to them.

We maintain our Angel Food ministry which feeds people every month. Each Wednesday night we conduct an interactive bible study where everyone comments and shares their ideas. We find we are more interested and consequently learn more this way. We have created a Friday night community ministry called the "New Ole' Pickin Barn" featuring the church band who plays all kind of music for the attendees to dance with their families. Absolutely no alcohol is allowed and all attendees must be 14 years of age or over.

We have been gifted with a professional website which will expose the heart of our ministry to the world- we soon will be utilizing radio and television broadcast uniquely here in our community to share our ministry with our neighbors.

For these past 16 years we have been without a church home of our own. We came close but personal tragedy stole that from us. In essence we have been without a permanent home. And beloved, we have never ever asked anyone for help.Not because we were too proud but we were able to do what we were supposed to do.

But we now have an opportunity to purchase an already built church building who has had a terrific legacy for many years in this community. It is over ten times as large as our present ministry center and church. It is ready to move into and by doing so, we will perpetuate the heart and spirit of this terrific church. Now, in 45 years of ministry, I have never asked anyone to help me do anything, but I am unashamedly reversing that right now. Every thing is signed and sealed for us to buy the property. I need help. I need money to make this happen and I am asking if you will consider being one who will help us buy this much needed property.

I need to raise 15-thousand dollars by next Friday for the down payment and closing costs. Then I am going to need 500 volunteers who will give a one-time gift of $1,000 to pay for the building and the necessary repairs. We have already planted the seeds these past 16 years. We are now believing God to provide. Someone could easily write a check for the entire amount. Make your check payable to: ECM BUILDING

One more thing: Sixteen years ago as I was seeking God for this ministry (I had no idea what to do then), and He gave me a dream. I saw this wide boulevard that was downtown Chattanooga. There was no river in this dream, just that wide long boulevard with mountains on each side and blocks and blocks and blocks of businesses and homes. I felt an impress as if the voice of God direct me to start the band in a parade down this giant boulevard, then I was to follow them and preach the Gospel and then behind me was to follow the people of the church who were supposed to minister to the people we passed on the street. But there was absolutely no one on the street to hear or see what we doing. I attempted to point hat out to the Lord in this dream but He insisted on starting the march down the street with no one there. Miraculously and after a time, I began to notice someone coming out of their house on one of those blocks of houses, put their hand to their ear and listen for the sound of the music. All of a suddenly there was a line on each side of the street all taking it in. We continued tom march and the people continued to show up unit they wee ten and fifteen people deep along the parade route.. I looked over my shoulder and watched the people of the church behind me reaching out to people we were pa sing and ministering to them. They were prayhi8ng width some, they were hugging others and then I watched as those same ones took their place behind the older ones and continued to ministering. It seemed so natural. But then I was impressed to look up to the left and then to the right several rows up those hills on either side. First a lady dressed in a business suit and then a gentleman dressed a business suit and both carrying attache cases heard the music and came down to check out the sounds. We marched past them and later, I looked over my shoulder and saw both of them with their cases open writing checks to the treasurer of our church. I pointed out to the Lord that this was contrary to what I wanted but His impress was that He had blessed His people financially and then placed them along the pathway of this ministry, who when they saw a viable ministry in the streets and doing what a New Testament evangelist sic church was supposed to do- they would be directed to provide financial gifts to the effectiveness of this ministry. I feel like this is that Timmie and now is the time for God to open the hearts of mature Christians who know the importance of what we are doing for eternity and for our community. We are in perilous times but our God is able. We are ready to do ministry as we have he past sixteen years. Will you help me. Thank you in advance. 423-355-2962



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