Carpenter's Cowboy Church

Eugene Harold Coleman Sr.

3616 Rossville Blvd. / Chattanooga, Tennessee / 34707 / telephone: 423-867-4232


The founding pastor of the Carpenter’s Cowboy Church is Eugene Harold Coleman, Sr., a third generation minister in his family.  He has served the pastorate since his graduation from Zion Bible College of East Providence, RI in 1965 where he excelled in music and preaching.  His introduction to professional broadcasting was also started at Zion.

He has served here in the Chattanooga area for the past 27 years when he came to pastor the East Ridge Christian Church (Disciples of Christ) while also broadcasting on radio and television.  He followed Luther for some three years on WDEF and hosted the “Coleman and People” television show on Channel 53 for almost nine years.

Gene has done additional studies at Liberty University in Lynchburg, VA and Johnson Bible College in Knoxville, TN.  He completed two graduate-level Clinical Pastoral Counseling Segments at Lynchburg General Hospital under chaplain Edward O. Temple. He founded the Carpenter’s Cowboy Church some 17 years ago.

Gene describes his out-of-the pulpit ministry as his Joseph/Daniel ministry which includes being the Press Secretary to George P.Shafran, Republican Candidate for Lieutenant Governor of the State of Virginia in l970, a National Bsiness Committee Consultant for the President Ford Campaign in l976, a fund raising consultant for the Greater New Orleans Federation of Churches in l984 and as the director of Division of Administration for the Louisiana State Medical Society.  He has served as General Manage of four different radio stations.

In addition to his pastorate at the C.C.C., he is a pastoral care provider for the truck drivers at Covenant Transport for the past l7 years.



For over sixteen years, we have enjoyed a rousing and unique worship service that literally touches the hearts of every attendee.  We invite the presence of the Holy Spirit into our service and He has shown up 100% of the time.  Part of our worth-ship to God is recognizing His Greatness poured out and through every person in attendance for a special blessing. Each person becomes a different thread of His Graciousness in ministering to one another. We love the prayer for it ushers us into the very presence of God personally.  We love the opportunity in giving of His tithes and our offerings for it is also a brilliant and unique form of worth-ship also.  We get the privilege of giving to the Great God of this Universe for He has been so very good to each of us.


For the last several years we have had an ongoing bible study on the life and teachings of Jesus Christ. Each Wednesday evening we glean stories of something Jesus said or something He did and then we ask ourselves these three questions for our study: What did Jesus say or do? Why did He say it or do it? What does it mean to me this very day?  We discover the truth of the Word by our own discussion and everybody participates.  The purpose of this type study is to allow the mind of Jesus Christ to be within us so the Living Christ can live through each of us.


LOCATED AT 3616 Rossville Blvd. in Chattanooga, TN.  37407 Phone # 423.867.4232.
A notable sign in front of a church recently hit the nail on the head with this slogan. “God is looking for full-custody, not merely weekend visits”.
If you have been a divorced parent, you will totally appreciate these words. One of the greatest frustrations of a devoted pastor is trying to understand how its members can be so lax about church participation and attendance when the matter is so serious and eternal. Many people believe visiting church on their need is doing God a favor and that God should be thankful for their pop-ups. When we see Him face to face we will become totally aware of what we missed and how mislead we were.