Carpenters Cowboy Church

Eugene Harold Coleman Sr.

3616 Rossville Blvd. / Chattanooga, Tennessee / 34707 / telephone: 423-867-4232

Each day, Monday through Friday, from 9:00 AM till 3:00 PM. The Carpenter’s Cowboy Church building becomes the Gathering Place for adults.  It is a place where adults can gather each day to have fellowship with other adults and fellowship outside their homes. There is no admission charge; in fact there is no charge for anything.  There is always a coffeepot, a crock-pot and cold drinks.  There is always some kind of breakfast foods and then foods for lunch. Pastor Gene explained that many adults spend all day in their homes. Every one needs a place where they can go to be with other adults in fellowship.  They all need a hug, something about which to talk, something to do and something for which they can look forward.  When they are prepared to go back home, they go refreshed.  It takes away a lot of loneliness.  This is one of the things a church is supposed to do. You do not have to be a member of the CCC to participate in this daily program of fellowship.